Crowdfunding Campaign Launch

Our crowdfunding campaign for the 2020 East Coast Taiko Conference starts TODAY! Please visit to make a donation to the conference. *

We’re partnering with Asano Taiko U.S. to provide unique incentives to donate and to spread the word. Please see our site’s crowdfunding page for more details on prizes and becoming a fundraiser!

Our first goal for this campaign is $6,000! We have a couple of matching sponsors lined up – so be on the lookout for these great opportunities to provide your support to this amazing conference!

Like other ECTC hosts, Kodama Taiko at the University of Connecticut is an undergraduate student organization. This means that we have limited pathways to gain funding for events like ECTC. However, we are determined to bring the conference to our campus and provide a unique experience for the east coast taiko community.

Just a few reasons to donate to ECTC 2020:

  1. The East Coast Taiko Conference is the only event of its kind in our region.
  2. For many, ECTC serves as a place to gather and make new connections with others in the taiko community that they may not otherwise have the chance to meet.
  3. On the East Coast of the U.S., access to taiko learning resources depends on not only funds, but also distance. We aim to both keep the conference affordable and gather instructors from across the country – and even the globe – to share knowledge with our community.
  4. Each year, ECTC is hosted by volunteer collegiate taiko groups that depend on the support of the greater taiko community.

* Please note that donations to Kodama Taiko/ECTC 2020 through Classy will NOT be tax deductible due to our status as a student organization. In order to make a tax deductible contribution to the conference, we invite you to use the Student Organization Fund with a note that the donation is intended for “UConn Kodama Taiko.” You may contact us if you would like to attribute this donation to a fundraiser; the donation will be manually added to the Classy campaign progress. Thank you!

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